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Two Games Released!

September 6, 2013

Two new games have joined the Arcade Thunder family! Shopping Cart Hero 3- Another sequel to the hit stick man riding down a slope in a cart game! It contains new levels and upgrades! You can try it here. (You can check out Shopping Cart Hero (1) here, and Shopping Cart Hero 2 here.) Pivot-… Read More ›

Released: Three New Games

Three fabulous games have made their way onto the Arcade Thunder website! First up we have Jump Jupiter, a multiplayer game where you create your own character and explore the vast areas within the game. You can form alliances with other online players and challenge other teams. Click here to try it! Second on the… Read More ›

Released: Four New Games!

Four new games have made their way onto the Arcade Thunder website! Ranging from Sports to Puzzle there’s bond to be a game you love! Pinch Hitter– Sports/Baseball (Click here to play) Mario Shoot Balloon– Puzzle (Click here to play) Need Water- Puzzle (Click here to play) Baseball Smash- Sport/Baseball (Click here to play) *Have a favorite?… Read More ›

Released: Three New Games!

Letter Garden, Bubble Fox, and Red Ball 3 are now available for your playing pleasure! Letter Garden is a word game similar to Bookworm, you can play it here.  Bubble Fox is a game similar to Bubble Town in which you shoot balls and match colors based on the ball you’ve shot. You can play… Read More ›

Released: Traffic Slam

Apologize for the late post, but Arcade Thunder released a new game last night! (So the rumor came out to be true!) Demolish cars, buildings, buy upgrades and more! Click here to play!