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Jeopardy EXP Answers: 9-6-13

September 6, 2013

I sincerely apologize for forgetting the answers for yesterday! :( But I’m back to give you today’s answers (a bit late again sorry!), enjoy! Click here to play Jeopardy EXP only on Arcade Thunder! Round 1: Who’s On First?: Chris Davis Say “La-V”: Lavabo Household Hints: Chicken Tile Land: Linoleum Tile Computer Lingo: Overclocking The Future: Jared Diamond Round 2: Brides… Read More ›

Jeopardy EXP Answers: 9-4-13

  We are slightly late on this, but it’s time for more Jeopardy EXP answers for your gaming pleasure! If you haven’t learned by now, you can play Jeopardy EXP at Arcade Thunder here! Round 1: Portu-Gals & Guys: Fast Five Genetics: Codon 3 Ls: Parallel Tony-Winning Musicals  In Other Words: Kinky Boots All Important Questions: The Book Of Love Who… Read More ›

Jeopardy EXP Answers: 9-3-13

Wow two post in one day of Jeopardy answers? Yes that may be the only time we see this too! Your answers for today’s episode are below, enjoy! You can play Jeopardy EXP on Arcade Thunder, here! Round 1: Great Briton: Oliver Cromwell Tie One: The Knot “Tas”-Mania: Veritas Aisle Of Man: Old Spice Canaries: Foxes Surrounded By Water: The Persian… Read More ›

Jeopardy EXP Answers: 9-2-13

The questions for yesterday’s episode are now up! So for the two hours you can play last night’s episode questions until today’s go up, here’s September 2nd’s questions! You can play Jeopardy EXP on Arcade Thunder, here! Round 1: From The Greek: Apology Gingham Style: Martha Stewart Book Title Characters’ Last Names: Grey Olympic Host Cities: Los Angeles Plane… Read More ›

Jeopardy EXP Answers: 8-30-13

  I apologize yet again for being late, I got a shift change at work just for tonight so I wasn’t around to post the new answers right away but hey too late is better than never! :) Enjoy the final Jeopardy Answers for this week! Round 1: Guinness World Records: Mary Kay The Weather & Geography… Read More ›

Jeopardy EXP Answers: 8/29/13

Couple hours late but we can’t resist the love for Jeopardy! Your answers have arrived! As always you can play Jeopardy EXP here. Round 1: College Recommendations: Harvey Mudd World Capitals: Tehran Celebrities: Texas Medieval Times: Warm Onomatopoeia: Ding Dong Sneaker-ing Around: Under Armour Round 2: Discoveries & Inventors: Uranus Biblical Quotes: Honey They’re History!: Buda C Before I, After E: Species Secrets: U-2 On The… Read More ›

Jeopardy EXP Answers: 8/28/13

It’s time for another round of Jeopardy EXP answers! You can play the game, here. Round 1: African Americans: Emmett Till Movies By Cast: The World’s End Weird Science: Dogs International Language Lessons: Swahili Be Productive: 2013 Work”ER”S: Server Round 2: History Is Happening: Tom Thumb Complete The Lyric: Holy Grail Let’s Visit A Museum: Dallas Books & Authors: Jesus What To Wear?:  Polo… Read More ›

Jeopardy EXP Answers: 8/27/13

It’s 6PM (well CT), so you know what time it is now! Jeopardy EXP answers time! Play Jeopardy EXP on Arcade Thunder! Round 1: Pizza-Palooza: Pizza Hut Religions: Japan Major League Sports Cities:  Oakland Academic Anagrams: Chalkboard Your Friends, The Police: Lineup “A” “P” History: Portugal Round 2: English Literature:  Thomas Hardy The Voice…: Anna Kendrick Skip It: Dutch Biology: Feet Country… Read More ›

Jeopardy EXP Answers: 8/26/13

We’re back with new Jeopardy EXP answers! FUN FACT: Round 1’s categories were lyrics to the hit song “Call Me Maybe”! Round 1: Hey, I Just Met You: Ashlee Simpson This Is Crazy: Coffin But Here’s My Number: 1 So Call Me: Roy Bean May “B”: Beryl Yeah, We Went There: Nariobi Round 2: Happy 100th Birthday, Federal Reserve: Beige Book Vocabulary: Eclectic Art… Read More ›

Jeopardy EXP Answers: 8/22/13

I will not be around for the answers after tonight’s viewing of the new Jeopardy episode. So no answers will be posted from 8-23/8-25 (hopefully by 8/26 we will be resuming to our daily posting! New episodes only air on the weekdays so this doesn’t harm the site too much!) But here’s the answers for… Read More ›