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Game Review #3: Letters From Nowhere


Are finding Letters from Nowhere really a spectacular sighting? Find out below if you should give this hobby a try!

Game Reviews are rated on a 1-10 scale, with 1 being the worse and 10 the best. 

Audio I may be the only one in this boat (that is sinking possibly), but I love the main menu music and that’s why I’m giving this a higher score. Otherwise I could pass on the rest of the musical scores. 10!

Visuals: The visuals aren’t enthralling by any means, but they will still keep your attention for the length of the game. The cut-scenes are comic-displayed while the rest are more three-dimensional. 6!

Playability: The playability is a key factor in hidden object games, and this one in my opinion does it fairly well. Of course I believe that Hidden Object game playability is based on your own opinion so give it a try on the link below! 7!

Click Here To Play Letters From Nowhere!



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