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Game Review #1: Goodgame Disco


Goodgame Disco, is it fun? Is it a broken disco ball? Find out below!

Game Reviews are rated on a 1-10 scale, with 1 being the worse and 10 the best. 

Audio: The audio is the best thing about this game. At the start during the tutorial (or it can be changed whenever you want) you select what kind of music the DJ plays. Now here’s the cool part, the music within the game is real musicians with real talent! Very enjoyable to your ears! 10!

Visuals: The visuals lack in some sense, they are pretty generic graphics from this company. The one cool thing that I did enjoy is the juxtapose effect, the room darkens and the disco ball lights surround the room. Otherwise the visuals aren’t the best part of the game.  8!

Playability: The game can be played for hours on end with no interruptions except that you do have to wait for your cocktails or drinks to finish. You can DJ for hours at the time, or almost an entire day (if you want to pay gems). You do have to pay attention and make sure your drinks and challenges are not almost gone! Enjoy! 9!

Click here to play Goodgame Disco!



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