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Who Wants To Win A Million Answers


PLEASE NOTE: This is a work in progress, if you have any answers from the game to share. Please comment them below and they will be added ASAP.

Q: What is placed on top of a birthday cake?  Candles

Q: According to a proverb about hope “There’s always light at the end of the” what? Tunnel

Q: What sort of animal is Chester, the mascot of Cheetos cheese snack? Cheetah

Q: What color are the Green Giant’s shoes on a can of corn?  Green

Q: What color is the top half of a “Campbell’s”soup can label? Red

Q: What common fish is also called a “pumpkinseed”? A sunfish

Q: What town is the TV’s “Gunsmoke” set in? Dodge City

Q: What game do players flip “winks” in? Tiddlywinks

Q: What’s the smallest country in the world? Vatican City

Q: What planet does Star Trek’s Mr.Spock come from? Vulcan

Q: What country did kilts originate from? France

Q: According to the old adage, what is only “skin deep”?  Beauty

Q: In a standard game of Tic-Tac-Toe, how many X’s or O’s do you need in a row to win?  3

Q: What are falling raindrops shaped like? Teardrops

Q: What family are elephants, rhinoceros, and hippopotamus all members of?  Pachyderm


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