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Jeopardy EXP Answers: 8/22/13

I will not be around for the answers after tonight’s viewing of the new Jeopardy episode. So no answers will be posted from 8-23/8-25 (hopefully by 8/26 we will be resuming to our daily posting! New episodes only air on the weekdays so this doesn’t harm the site too much!)

But here’s the answers for yesterday’s episode-

Round 1:

Fictional Females: The Mortal Instruments

Let’s Write a Short Story: Science Fiction

The Name Of The Game: Othello

U.S. Cities: Washington D.C.

Rhyme Time: Bear Hair

U Have 2 Sign My Yearbook: Change

Round 2:

The Endangered Species List:  Hawaii

L.A. TV: Arrested Development

“So” Be It: Sophia

Recent History: E-Mails

Healthy Eating: Iron

From The Top: Robert Schumann

Final Jeopardy:

Mount Rushmore: Thomas Jefferson


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